New Zealand Embassy Beijing, China

How to Obtain the Certificate of No Impediment (CONI)

General Information

New Zealand citizens living in China will be required to produce a Certificate of No Impediment (CONI) to confirm that there is no impediment to marriage.

Other requirements in order to get married in China vary from region to region. It is therefore recommended the New Zealand citizen or his/her fiancé contact the local Public Security Bureau or Civil Affairs Bureau to ascertain exactly what is required.

Procedure for issuing a CONI:

  1. The application and appropriate fee is forwarded to the Registrar-General of Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM). After a search of the marriage register, a CONI will be issued by the Registrar-General.
  2. The CONI is then forwarded to the Department of Internal Affairs for verification of the Registrar-General’s signature and seal. A fee is payable.
  3. Once completed, the CONI is forwarded to the Consular Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) for verification of the signature and seal of the Department of Internal Affairs. A fee is payable
  4. MFAT then returns the CONI to the applicant or person the applicant has nominated on the form. It is important that the applicant advise their nominated friend or family member to expect the CONI.
  5. A statutory declaration of your current marital status is sometimes required. The Embassy or Consulate-General may also be able to assist should a consular letter to confirm the status of your CONI be asked for. We need to sight the original documentation and a fee is charged.

This process will take approximately 4-6 weeks from the time your application is received. Please ensure that the address and contact details of your nominated friend or family member are correct.

Please note that a CONI is valid for six months only in China. If your CONI expires, you have to apply for another Certificate.

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