New Zealand Embassy Beijing, China

Residence Certificate - Hukou

Within one month of arrival in China, all visitors must register with their nearest PSB office and obtain a residence certificate - known as a hukou or waiguoren juliuzheng. This hukou allows the holder to reside in a particular area. It does not give permission to work nor to stay indefinitely.

A residence certficate is generally valid for one year.

Documents required to obtain a residence certificate

The following documents will be required by your local PSB office:

  • sponsorship guarantee form
  • employment contract
  • certificate of employment or (for teachers) a Foreign Experts Certificate

These documents are supplied by the employer and should be arranged one month in advance to allow for delays due to mistakes and other mishaps. In addition, the authorities will probably require the following:

  • original of your medical clearance
  • original of your professional qualification plus copies
  • usually 8 (eight) passport sized photographs. and driver's license sized photographs

Make plenty of copies of your documentation as the PSB will require the same information if you change or renew your visa. You should also keep at hand a stock (the more the better) of passport and driver's license sized ID photographs.

Despite what some employers may say, you are not required to hand over your passport for safekeeping. It is your passport and you should keep it in your possession.

We recommend that you check directly with your nearest PSB office for authoritative information on visa regulations.

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