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Contract disputes

The Korean Ministry of Labour is responsible for general welfare of foreign workers (teachers) in Korea. Any contractral disagreement, disputes with employer, working standards, mistreatment and other grievances should be reported to the Ministry.

The Ministry has a active website which contains useful information including contact numbers for the Ministry.

Here is a list of numbers that may be useful to know:

Ministry of Labour (switchboard)

Labour Standards Division

Wages and Welfare Division

International Cooperation Officer

Severance Pay Division (for Severance Pay questions)

Korean Labour Offices

Korean Labour Offices are governmental organisations that resolve any labour/contract disputes with legal authority. The Korean Government has recently established a Labour office for foreigners in Seoul with four full time English-speaking labour advisors. It can be reached on telephone 02-872-9797 and fax 02-883-9797.

There are also a number of other Labour offices throughout Korea although the staff in these offices do not necessarily speak English. Ideally, you should contact the office that is within the same district/gun/myeon where your workplace is based.

Additional sources of help

Seoul Education Teachers' Centre
Post: 1-27 Sajik Dong, Chongro Gu, Seoul Tel: 02 730-7663/5
Fax: 02 722-3568

Social Education Department
Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education

Post: 2-77 Shinmunro 2 Ga, Chongro Gu, Seoul
Tel: 02 399-9243 or 02 736-3219
Fax: 02 399-9115

(for those who work outside of Seoul, you may need to send your complaint to the Social Education Department of the Municipal/Provincial Board of Education in the city or province where you work.)

Seoul Bar Association
Legal Centre for Foreign Workers

Post: 1718-1 Seocho Dong, Seocho Gu, Seoul
Tel: 02 3476-6000/02 3476-0986
Fax: 02 3476-8094/02 3476-8095

Free Legal Assistance:
Post: 1st fl Legal Centre
Tel: 02 3476-8080

(English speaking consultants are available from Monday to Thursday between the hours of 1pm to 5pm.)

Foreign Worker's Council
Post: 27-2 Jo Dong, 1 Ga, Chung Gu, Seoul
Tel: 02 928-2049

Korea Legal Aid Corp
Post: 1703-10 Seocho Dong, Seocho Gu, Seoul
Tel: 02 536-5577 or 132

Seoul YMCA
Tel: 02 733-3181/02 734-3904

(Lawyers are available for consultation from 10am-4pm.)

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