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Sources of information

The Embassy does not maintain a comprehensive listing of foreign language institutes. Most positions are filled either through word of mouth, or through advertisements in the local English newspapers. Occasionally, the better institutes will hire through advertising in the TESOL Newsletter, or by operating job booths while attending TESOL conferences.


Once you arrive in Korea, it is a good idea to subscribe to one of the local English newspapers, Korea Herald or Korea Times. Both are published six times per week and cost Won 12,000 per month. Both are available in Seoul at most street newsstands, but outside Seoul, are generally only available through subscription. The Herald can be contacted at 727-0430, fax 727-0677, and the Times at 724-2715, fax 736-7416. Overseas subscriptions are also available.

Korean Yellow Pages, Other Directories

The Korean Yellow Pages is a very useful English language phone directory. It is available for sale at most of the larger bookstores as are other business directories. The American Embassy Foreign Commercial Service and the American Chamber of Commerce in Korea jointly publish a Korean business directory. These directories contain a wealth of information, including addresses and phone numbers for universities and Korean government offices. The Korean Research Foundation produces a pamphlet on studying in Korea that contains information on all of the universities in the country.


KOTESOL is an independent national affiliate of TESOL, an organization of teachers of English to students of other languages. KOTESOL was founded in 1992 as the union of two separate national organizations. KOTESOL is a nonprofit organisation established to promote scholarship, distribute information, and facilitate cross-cultural understanding among English teachers in Korea.

KOTESOL has active chapters in Seoul, Taejon, Pusan, Taegu, Kyongju, and Chonbuk province. Chapters hold individual monthly meetings and sponsor educational activities in their areas as well as participate in an annual conference. Exact time, date, place and topic are announced in the local English papers about a week before the scheduled meeting.

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