New Zealand Consulate-General Noumea, New Caledonia

New Zealand/France Friendship Fund (NZFFF)

New Zealand/France Friendship Fund: Funding Proposals

The New Zealand/France Friendship Fund was established during former French Prime Minister Rocard’s official visit to New Zealand in 1991. The fund has approximately NZ$150,000 to distribute each year. This is used to finance projects which meet the declared aim of ‘promoting close and friendly relations between the citizens of France and New Zealand’.

The joint French-New Zealand Board meets annually in June each year to decide which well-developed projects will receive funding from the Fund in the coming year. The Board favours projects with an exchange element, often, but not exclusively, involving young people. The key criteria are that the project must promote knowledge about the other country, enhance the understanding of the respective lifestyles, and encourage ongoing people-to-people contact. Projects that the Fund has supported in the past span a range of disciplines including education, the arts, sport, and the media. Recent exchange projects have included students engaged in cultural, musical, and linguistic pursuits, young trades people, sporting and cultural groups and tertiary institutions.

Applications are invited from both French and New Zealand groups:

For New Caledonian applicants:

Cellule de Coopération Régionale et des Relations Extérieures
Gouvernement de la Nouvelle-Calédonie
B.P. M 2
98849 Nouméa Cedex
Fax: (+687) 24 65 24
(email Coopération Régionale)

For New Zealand Applicants:
New Zealand Board Secretary
New Zealand/France Friendship Fund
c/- Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Private Bag 18-901
New Zealand
(email New Zealand Board Secretary)

Further information and application forms can be found on the NZFFF website.

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