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Investing in New Zealand

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise can advise on investing in New Zealand. Its address in Singapore is:

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Investing in New Zealand offers unique opportunities to leverage dynamic ideas and creative intellect in specialised high value industries - Information and communications technology, biotechnology, screen production, niche manufacturing, wood processing, and call centres.

In these established sectors, and others that are still emerging, New Zealand provides a positive environment where international investors can position themselves for advantage and develop world-changing ideas, creative intellect and high value specialisation.

Whether locating here or partnering with New Zealand organisations, you can develop ideas, concepts and technologies with a people renowned for their innovative thinking - all within a country with an economic outlook, free market philosophy and political stability that is highly geared for success.

Proven investment record

Australian investors have invested nearly NZD25 billion directly into New Zealand; the USA over NZD11.5 billion; and the UK over NZD9 billion. The Netherlands, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, Germany and Switzerland also invest there.

Competitive time zone

New Zealand is the first OECD country to wake up every day. Ours is a time zone two hours ahead of Australia, where the working day spans the afternoon on the west coast of America, the Asian day, right through to breakfast in Europe. Investing or relocating here can offer distinct time-driven advantages.

Ideal test market

New Zealand is a sophisticated, highly technologically aware nation and has one of the highest investments in information technology as a proportion of GDP in the world. Our people are also proven early adopters of a whole range of technologies. This willingness to embrace the new along with the compact size of the country and demographics that mirror those of much larger markets make this as an ideal place to test market new technologies.

Excellent clustering opportunities

These advantages also point to New Zealand as an excellent location for clinical trials and research and development for new biomedical products. In fact, world-class companies active in biotechnology and information and communications technology (ICT) are already clustering here to research, develop technology and explore commercial collaborations.

Industries such as wood products are also of particular interest because they involve resources where New Zealand boasts tangible advantages.

Easy and competitive place to do business

New Zealand is a very straightforward place to do business. It has an efficient, market-oriented economy, a stable and secure business environment with zero corruption.

In our labour market now famed for being flexible and deregulated, you'll find a workforce that's highly educated and multi-skilled. And a small levy for accident compensation means almost universal protection in a no fault system.

Property costs are among the most competitive on the Pacific Rim: the corporate tax rate is just 33% with minimal or no capital gains tax. We also offer 100% tax deductibility for research and development.

In touch with the world

New Zealand is in your virtual suburb, thanks to sophisticated telecommunications access. Telstra, Bell Atlantic, AT&T, British Telecom, Sprint and Cable & Wireless all have affiliates in New Zealand, and there are more than a dozen high capacity links across the globe.

In November 2000 the Southern Cross cable went live. This is a highly sophisticated fibre optic system which links San Francisco, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia and Fiji through a system capable of transferring the equivalent of two full-length motion pictures every second, and at a network availability rate of more than 99.999%.

New Zealand depends on its exports for revenue, so it's hardly surprising that the country has excellent export networks and outstanding ports. Domestic and international air links are also very good. (There are more than 80 flights per week between Auckland and LA alone.)

An amazing place to live and work

With its clean, healthy, uncluttered environment, low population density, comfortable climate, affordable housing and reputation for safety, New Zealand consistently rates amongst the best places to live in the world.

Supportive government

The New Zealand Government recognises the importance of international investment and is actively working to provide an environment that enables international investors to bring or establish operations and/or to collaborate with New Zealand companies to best advantage.

The CER agreement with Australia means that a business operating from New Zealand gains duty free access to a potential trans-Tasman market of 24 million (content must be 50% New Zealand and/or Australian to qualify).

Free trade agreements, such as the recently negotiated economic co-operation agreement with Singapore, as well as others still in negotiation elsewhere in the Asia Pacific region, can only increase the size of that free market.

Sound economic backdrop

New Zealand has already completed more than a decade of radical economic restructuring, and now has an economy well geared for long term international competitiveness - exactly the resource rich, stable and transparent macro-economic platform you're looking for. Look no further. Make the best investment choice. The New Zealand choice.

The Overseas Investment Commission is the organisation responsible for foreign investment in New Zealand. An application must be made to the OIC by non-residents planning to invest more than NZ$10 million establishing a business, or to purchase an equity share of greater than 25% in a New Zealand company worth more than $10million. OIC approval is also required to invest in land over five hectares, islands, the foreshore or reserves.

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