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Learn about the changes to New Zealand’s give way rules

On Sunday 25 March, two of the give way rules changed to make New Zealand’s roads safer.
Whether you drive, walk, cycle or ride, you’ll need to know about the changes to stay safe on our roads.  

Change 1: The left-turn versus right-turn rule
This new rule requires all traffic turning right to give way to all vehicles coming from the opposite direction and turning left.

This new rule applies at cross roads, T-intersections and driveways where:

a) both vehicles are facing each other with no signs or signals 
b) both vehicles are facing give way signs
c) both vehicles are facing stop signs (as shown above)
d) both vehicles are facing green traffic signals.

Think: If you’re turning right, give way.

Change 2: Uncontrolled T-intersections
The new rule requires all traffic turning right from a terminating road (bottom of the T) with no signs or signals, to give way to all vehicles on the continuing road (top of the T).

Think: Top of the T goes before me.

This change brings it into line with T-intersections where there are Stop or Give Way signs on the terminating road.

This change also applies at driveways including public driveways such as at a supermarket or hospital. Vehicles should continue to give way to pedestrians on a footpath, or cyclists and pedestrians on a cycle path or shared path.

Other give way rules remain the same.

Not all of the give way rules are changing – only the two we’ve mentioned.

Traffic signs and signals are placed at intersections to show road users what they need to do so you should continue to obey these signs and signals.

If you’re turning, you’ll still need to give way to all vehicles not turning. If all other give way rules (and signs and signals) don’t determine who gives way, give way to vehicles coming from your right.
You must also continue to give way to your right at roundabouts.

Why have the rules changed?

Overall, the give way rule changes reduce the level of judgement needed in complex and dynamic traffic environments, and are expected to promote smoother traffic flow and improve safety.

Public awareness campaign

A dedicated web page is available at with resources such as leaflets in various languages, a video and interactive quiz about the changes. National advertising starts on 15 March.

Four things to remember:

• Only two give way rules are changing
• Change 1: Left turn v right turn. Remember: if you’re turning right give way
• Change 2: Uncontrolled T-intersections. Remember: Top of the T goes before me
• Driveways are like T-intersections – so ‘Top of the T goes before me’ still applies



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