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Tax information

If you are working in New Zealand during your visit, you'll need an IRD number.

An IRD number application - individual (IR595) is available from the Department of Inland Revenue. You can start work without your IRD number but you'll need to give it to your employer as soon as you receive it.

The Inland Revenue Department is responsible for implementing and enforcing New Zealand's tax policy.

The main taxes in New Zealand are the income tax and Goods and Services Tax (GST), which is a value-added tax. There is no specific capital gains tax regime in New Zealand. However, capital gains from disposal of personal property are taxed when:

  • property is acquired for resale; 
  • the taxpayers business involves dealing in such property; or 
  • there is an undertaking or scheme with the aim of making a profit.

All income other than capital gains is taxed. Personal income is taxed at a rate of 19.5 cents per dollar for income under $38,000 per annum, 33 cents per dollar for income from $38,001-$60,000, and 39% for income over $60,001. The company tax rate is 33%. GST applies at a uniform rate of 12.5%.

The tax treatment of the New Zealand income of non-residents encourages inward capital flows where this is feasible. Interest payments to non-residents are subject either to non-resident withholding tax (at a 10% rate where a double tax agreement applies, and 15% otherwise) or to a 2% levy. Dividends paid to non-residents are also subject to withholding taxes. Companies paying fully imputed dividends to non-resident investors can receive a rebate of part of the company tax. Withholding tax is 33%.

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