New Zealand Embassy Ankara, Turkey

Visitor visas

There is no charge for Visitor Visa applications for holders of Turkish passports. For applicants not holding a Turkish passport the application fee is US$145.

All applicants must provide the following:

  1. A correctly completed and signed Application for Visiting New Zealand form (NZIS 1017). You can download this form from the Immigration New Zealand website.
  2. Your passport, which must be valid for at least three months past your intended departure date from New Zealand.
  3. Two passport size photographs which must be less than six months old. Write your full name on the back of both photographs. 
  4. Proof of funds of at least NZD 1000 for each month of your stay. These may include your bank account book (which must be up to date and have been open for at least six months), credit cards (with account statements and/or a letter from your bank showing the credit limit),
    If a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident, who is currently in New Zealand, is sponsoring you, a fully and correctly completed Sponsorship Form (NZIS 1025) filled in by your sponsor with all relevant documentation included.
  5. Return flight reservations. (If your visa is provisionally approved, the Immigration Office may ask to see your original return ticket, but we do not recommend purchasing a ticket until you have been given provisional approval by the Immigration Office.)
  6. Accommodation details e.g. a letter from family/friends you are staying with stating you will be staying there and their address details or hotel reservations.
  7. Other documents showing your situation in Turkey e.g. deeds of ownership for any property you own, army papers, university diploma, superannuation documents, etc…

    Important Note If you are being sponsored (see 4 above) you will still need to provide evidence of your situation such as your bank account book (which must be up to date and have been open for at least three months), credit cards (with account statements and/or a letter from your bank showing the credit limit).

  8. If you intend to be in New Zealand for more than six months you must meet specific health requirements. To find out more about this please go to the relevant Health Requirements page.

In Addition –

A. If you are employed:

  1. Salary documents
  2. A letter from your employer on company letterhead stating your position, how long you have been working there, the length of your approved leave and that you will continue to be employed at the company when you return.
  3. Your SSK document showing the date you started your current job.

B. If you are self-employed or a partner in a business:

  1. The company’s registration with the Chamber of Commerce or Industry.
  2. The company’s tax certificate.
  3. The company’s official signatory papers.
  4. The Official Gazette announcement of your company.

C. If you are travelling to New Zealand on business:

  1. An invitation from the company/ies you will be visiting on their company letterhead stating the names of the expected visitors and the reason for the visit.
  2. A letter from your place of work stating who will be going and the purpose of the visit, also that they will be covering all expenses including travel expenses and health insurance.
  3. The company documents mentioned in section B (above).
  4. The salary documents and SSK document showing the date you started your current job.

D. If you are attending a conference:

  1. Your registration documents. (If your visa is provisionally approved the Immigration Officer will then need to see proof of payment for the conference)
  2. Your official invitation letter if you have been invited to the conference.
  3. and, if your trip is being funded by your place of work, you will need to show the official documents stating this (see section B and C)


You may be asked for additional documents by the New Zealand Embassy Immigration Office.

All documents may be required to be verified by the New Zealand Embassy Immigration Office.

To enable your application for a Visitor Visa to be accepted you MUST submit ALL of the documents that apply to you. If you do not do so, your application will be returned to you.

Please make sure applications are made in plenty of time.

It is highly recommended that you take out comprehensive travel and health insurance before any overseas travel.

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