New Zealand High Commission Port Vila, Vanuatu

HE Georgina Roberts presents credentials as New Zealand's High Commissioner to Vanuatu

HE Georgina Roberts inspects the Guard of Honor

New Zealand's new High Commissioner HE Georgina Roberts presented her credentials to President Iolu Johnson Abbil on 8 April.

Your Excellency Iolu Johnson Abbil, Presiden blong Ripablik blong Vanuatu.

Long toktok blong mi tedei, mi wantem yusum trifala lanwis.

Bambae mi stat wetem wan toktok blong griting long lanwis blong ol Maori, ol manples blong Aotearoa Nyusilan, we i go olsem:

Whakataka te hau ki te uru, whakataka te hau ki te tonga

Kia makinakina ki uta, kia maataratara ki tai

Kia hiiake ana te aatakura,

He tio, he huka, he hau hu

Tihei Mauriora!

Toktok ya long Maori, hem i tokbaot olgeta fofala win, we oli stap blu olbaot long yumi, long Nyusilan mo long Vanuatu.

Naoia, bambae mi toktok smol long Bislama.  Mo afta, bambae mi toktok smol long Inglis.

Ekselensi, hem i wan bigfala ona long mi, blong stanap long fored blong yu long moning ya, long Steit Haos blong Vanuatu, blong givim ofisol leta blong “credence” blong mi, i go long yu.  Long leta ya, Governor-General blong Niusilan, i apoentem mi olsem nyufala Hai Komisina blong Niusilan long Vanuatu.  Wetem leta ya, i gat tu, leta blong “recall”, long saed blong Mr Bill Dobbie, we hem i finisim taem blong hem, olsem Hae Komisina blong Niusilan long Vanuatu.

Ekselensi, mi jas kamtru long Vanuatu long las wik.  Mi save se, mi kam long wan taem we rilensensip mo frensip blong Niusilan mo Vanuatu, i strong gud i stap. Mo mi biliev se, bambae rilensensip ya, i save kam bigwan moa yet.

Ekselensi, long las wik mi stat blong lanem Bislama.  Mo mi hop se long fyuja, bambae Bislama blong mi i save kam gud moa.

Naoia, bambae mi gohed blong toktok long Inglis. 

Your Excellency, it is my honour to present myself to you today as the new High Commissioner for New Zealand to the Republic of Vanuatu.  I bring the compliments and good wishes of my Government and the people of Aotearoa -New Zealand to you, the Government and the people of Vanuatu.  In Māori: me mihi atu au ki a koe, ki a koutou hoki.

I first wish to acknowledge the recent damage and tragic loss of life caused in Vanuatu by Cyclone Lusi.  This highlighted, yet again, Vanuatu's continued vulnerability to natural disasters. I affirm to you that New Zealand will continue to coordinate with Australia, France and other donors to ensure timely and appropriate response to any requests from Vanuatu for assistance at those times.

New Zealand’s relationship with Vanuatu is broad and multifaceted.  We work together across numerous economic, political, development, social and cultural areas. We work bilaterally, regionally and multilaterally.

Our trade and economic engagement continues to grow.  Across the service, tourism and construction sectors we are doing well, but could do better.  The Recognised Seasonal Employer Scheme is a highly successful programme for New Zealand and Vanuatu, and 2,900 ni-Vanuatu went to work in New Zealand last year.  This programme will remain a critical part of our bilateral relationship.

Through the New Zealand Aid Programme, New Zealand remains committed to helping the government and people of Vanuatu to achieve the vision of a “just, educated, healthy and wealthy nation”. The Joint Commitment for Development, which New Zealand and Vanuatu signed in 2011, sets a framework of development priorities including tourism, shipping, infrastructure, education, scholarships and training, and strengthening governance.

The upgrade of shipping services and port facilities, as well as the seafront here in Port Vila, are examples of the significant investment we are both making in the sustainable economic development of Vanuatu.

Your Excellency, New Zealand and Vanuatu engage closely on regional and multilateral matters.  In our region, we work together on issues where we have similar interests such as climate change, fishing and energy.  And multilaterally, we are both members of bodies such as the United Nations and the Commonwealth.  Later this year we will both be participating in the UN Small Island Developing States meeting in Samoa, an important gathering for small island states, but for the Pacific too.  New Zealand is also thankful for Vanuatu’s support for our candidature for the UN Security Council for 2015-16, which will be voted on in October. New Zealand firmly believes there is a place for, and we can be a voice for, smaller nations on the Security Council.

But it is the people to people links where our connections run deepest.

We are Pacific nations, with Pacific peoples, and with coastlines both touched by the Pacific Ocean.  Na reira, nga whanaunga tatou: therefore, we are relations.

Those connections are not to be taken lightly: respect, honesty, trust, acceptance and patience are key characteristics of a family relationship. And it is those characteristics that help a relationship mature. 

Your Excellency, over my term as New Zealand's High Commissioner to Vanuatu, I hope to maintain those connections, strengthen our collaboration, further enhance our trade and economic outcomes, and develop our joint potential to do better together.

Ekselensi, bambae mi gobak long Bislama mo langwis blong Maori, blong klosem toktok blong mi.  

Long bihaf blong gavman blong Niusilan, mi wantem askem yu, blong yu akseptem tufala leta ya.

Fastaem, bambae mi pasem leta blong “recall” blong foma Hae Komisina, i kam long yu.

Naoia, mi pasem leta blong “credence” blong mi, olsem nyufala Hae Komisina blong Nyusilan, i kam long yu.

Tank yu tumas, mo mi luk fowod blong mitim yu moa bakegen, long oltaem we i stap kam.

E te rangatira, kua oti taku korero engari me mihi atu au ki a koe, ki a koutou katoa ka hui mai nei i runga i te kaupapa o tenei ata. 

No reira tena koutou, tena koutou, tena tatou katoa.

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