New Zealand High Commission Port Vila, Vanuatu

NZ and VERM Partners celebrate opening of new VITE building

Speaking notes for New Zealand Aid Programme Manager, Ginny Chapman for the opening of the new VITE classroom sponsored by VERM partners


Honourable Minister of Education


New Zealand High Commissioner, Bill Dobbie


Director of General, Ministry of Education, Jesse Dick


Director, Department of Education, Roy Obed


Director, Vanuatu Institute of Teachers Education, Mr. Jean Marie Virelala


Provincial Education Officer, SHEFA Education, Robert Reggie


Representatives of Island Construction, Kramer Ausenco Ltd and VATE Electrics


Management, Staff, Students of VITE


Men, Women and Children


First of all, I would like to say a big thank you for the welcome ceremony.


It is an honour for me to represent the New Zealand Government and the other two donor partners, Australia and UNICEF at the opening ceremony for the Vanuatu Institute of Teachers Education building.


The collaboration between the Governments of New Zealand and Australia with UNICEF must be commended for working together to support the Government and people of Vanuatu, especially the children of Vanuatu with this new training facility. The total cost of the project is nearly $NZD 1 million.


I am proud because the teachers and students of VITE can now access training in a quality environment.


I am proud because education is important. If students have a good teacher that are well trained in professional facilities like this, they can also receive quality teaching. A good education is a prerequisite for a good future.


The Governments of New Zealand, Australia and UNICEF support


The VITE Building Project is a component of the Vanuatu Education Road Map (VERM) which is sponsored by these three partners.  The key targets to be achieved by VERM are;   




Increase the net primary enrolment rate to 100 per cent by 2015, and reach 85 per cent by 2011

Improve literacy and numeracy skills of school age children, tracked through national assessments

Strengthen financial management and accountability

Increase the proportion of certified primary school teachers

Enrol higher numbers of technical and vocational trainees in order to promote effective skill development


This new building is a testament to these targets. This building is ready to provide a quality environment for teachers to train their students.


The building is also the fruit of good partnerships. A good partnership between the donor partners and the Government of Vanuatu and this building will also facilitate a good partnership between the teacher and the student to achieving the targets of VERM.


Another important part of VERM is leadership. Under VERM, the Vanuatu Government is leading, and the donor partners are supporting the drive to improve education for all children in Vanuatu – especially primary education.


Within Vanuatu’s schools, teachers are also leaders – they provide guidance to their students and can set a good example for their students to follow. Among you today are many current and future leaders.


Good leadership is important right across the education system. With good leadership, this means that when the Vanuatu Government invests its education budget in the areas where it is most needed, then we, the donor partners can too.


This means that when the Vanuatu Government spends its education budget effectively and appropriately then we the donor partners can too.


This leadership is important to us, because, where education is concerned, every vatu counts. Because it is about Vanuatu’s children and their future.


This new building is an example of what we can achieve by working in partnership, with Vanuatu’s leadership, to improve education access and standards in Vanuatu.


NZ, Australia and UNICEF look forward to other projects like this in the educations sector, where, with Vanuatu’s leadership and our support, we will work together to provide the children of Vanuatu with the good quality education they deserve.


I would like to pass on some thanks to some key stakeholders involved in this project.


First of all, a big thank you to Island Construction company for a job well done. It took almost 32 weeks, but today we are here to witness the opening.


A big thank you also to Kramer Ausenco who Project Managed the construction, ensuring that it was completed on time and within budget, and to VATE electrics who assisted with installation of power and lighting, and of course, a final thank you to the Ministry of Education who oversaw the entire project.


The training and education of teachers is important. This training facility is also important. The child’s education is also important. We have to work together to maintain these important things.




Thank you very much for your attention.


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