New Zealand Embassy Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Emergency travel document

As its name indicates, an emergency travel document is for emergencies.  You will need to decide whether it is better for you to wait a little longer for a standard passport, or whether you really need an emergency travel document (ETD).

You need to be aware of the following:

  • An ETD is normally only valid for one month.  Depending on travel circumstances validity may be extended at the time of application.
  • Problems can occur if an ETD is used for anything other than returning to your place of residence.  If you plan to travel through several countries, it may be better to obtain a standard passport.
  • You need to return your ETD when you apply for a standard passport.  This, as well as any visas in the document, will be destroyed.  Therefore, if you need a long-term visa (e.g. a residence visa), it may be better to obtain a standard passport.
  • Multiple entry visas, residence permits and other 'long-life' endorsements should not be entered into ETDs.

Application procedure

  • It is a requirement to obtain a police report for lost or stolen passports before an ETD can be issued.  This may also be required for insurance claims.
  • Download and complete an application form from the Department of Internal Affairs.
  • Emergency travel documents can be issued by the Embassy within three working days of receiving a correctly completed application form.
  • You will need to obtain a new Vietnamese visa to enable you to depart the country.  It can take 3-5 working days for a visa to be issued.
  • You may also require a visa for some countries you travel through when returning to your normal place of residence. Anybody intending to travel via Cambodia, Laos or Thailand on an ETD must obtain a visa for entry.  Visas should be obtained from the Embassy (in Hanoi) or Consulate (in HCMC) of those countries. Online visa on arrival issuance cannot be granted for an ETD. Holders of an ETD should also avoid entering Laos, Cambodia or Thailand via a land border immigration entry point as you may have diffculty with the ETD being recognised as a valid travel document.

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