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New Zealand – Viet Nam trade continues to grow

Data released recently by Statistics New Zealand for the year to June 2011 confirms that trade between New Zealand and Viet Nam continues to grow.

Total two-way trade in goods increased to NZ$699 million in 2010-11, up from NZ$539 million a year earlier – a rise of almost 30%.

New Zealand’s goods exports to Viet Nam increased to NZ$445 million, from NZ$375 million a year earlier. Our top ten exported commodities to Viet Nam (NZ$) were:

1. Milk Powder $150.89 million 33.7% increase
2. Butter/dairy spreads $78.77 million 37.0% increase
3. Sawn/chipped wood $58.24 million 6.7% decrease
4. Ferrous waste/scrap $23.88 million 206.7% increase
5. Fibreboard $19.17 million -12.8% decrease
6. Tanned/skinned furskins $11.02 million -23.0% decrease
7. Live cattle $8.67 million 44.5% increase
8. Raw cattle hides/skins $7.22 million 340.4% increase
9. Unwrought lead $6.02 million 917.7% increase
10. Apples, pears, quinces $4.94 million 218.0% increase

Viet Nam’s goods exports to New Zealand also rose to NZ$253 million, from NZ$164 million in 2010-11 (a 54% increase). Viet Nam’s top ten exported commodities (NZ$) were:

1. Calcium phosphates $32.93 million 133.3% increase
2. Office/kitchen/bedroom furniture $19.14 million 0.2% increase
3. Crude petroleum oils $17.93 million new export
4. Coconuts / cashews $17.35 million 28.2% increase
5. Telephones and cellphones $16.17 million 134.7% increase
6. Leather footwear $12.69 million 14.4% increase
7. Crustaceans $11.47 million 80.7% increase
8. Printers, copiers, fax machines $10.72 million 46.5% increase
9. Coffee $6.32 million 19.4% increase
10. Textile footwear $5.70 million 23.1% increase

Detailed data for trade in services was not released by Statistics New Zealand. The New Zealand Ministry of Education has previously confirmed, however, that over 1,900 Vietnamese students studied in New Zealand in 2010. Tourism flows are also thought to be increasing, with an estimated 1,000 NZ tourists thought to visit Viet Nam each month and increasing interest in New Zealand as an outwards tourism destination for Vietnamese travellers.

Various New Zealand statistics can be accessed through the Statistics New Zealand website

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